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NOTE: the content on the Canada Course for Education Agents has moved to the International Education Portal.

Students considering study in Canada are always encouraged to contact representatives of Canadian schools and apply directly to the institution(s) of their choice.  However, we do recognize that in some countries there is a practice of working with an education consultant or agent.  The following information is intended to inform students and families choosing Canada for study and research as well as those education agents who are promoting study in Canada.

Education Agent Policy

Canada does not have a collective policy on education agents or an accreditation system, and the Government of Canada does not specifically endorse any particular agent providing education information. The value of education agents is recognized in providing current, accurate information on all education opportunities in the best interest of a student when they are making their decision to study in Canada.  The Government of Canada advocates ethical practices and professionalism for all agents advising students about education opportunities.

Resources for Education Agents

Recognizing that Education Agents/Consultants are an important component in the mobility of international students, the Government of Canada provides the following tools to support quality services in education advising:

The Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA)

When providing information to a student who wishes to study in Canada it is critical that education agents are aware of the most comprehensive resources and accurate information available.  Ensure your professional development by successfully completing the Canada Course for Education Agents, developed by the Government of Canada (Global Affairs Canada). Note: Completion of this course does not constitute accreditation or authorization by provincial/territorial ministries and departments of education nor by the Government of Canada.

CCEA benefits include

  • A clear outline of the benefits provided by study and research in Canada
  • A comprehensive overview of study options and resources
  • An understanding of how students should apply to an institution, and
  • Identification for agents who have taken the CCEA successfully completed the exam

NOTE: Completion of the exam after taking the course does not provide authorization, endorsement or accreditation.  By successfully completing the exam, successful candidates are listed on the Canada Course Graduates list on the ICEF website, providing audiences (globally) with a resource of those agents who would have comprehensive information on Canada.

  • Guidelines for participation in Government of Canada education events: The Government of Canada works with Canadian Provinces and Territories as well as Canadian institutions to promote education opportunities in Canada. To that end, education events and initiatives are open to “Education au/in Canada” brand-eligible clients only.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada Regulatory change regarding the responsibility and obligations required of third party representatives providing immigration advice: All education agents should inform themselves of the regulatory changes regarding the use of authorized immigration agents.
  • Citizenship and Immigration regulatory changes to the International Student Program: All Education agents should inform themselves of the new regulatory changes that came into effect June 1, 2014. Please consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada Changes to the International Student Program webpage.


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