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Canadian researchers among world’s best and most respected, says new report

September 27, 2012 - A new report from the Council of Canadian Academies highlights the outstanding quality of Canada’s university researchers and points to Canada’s growing influence on global knowledge. Commissioned by Industry Canada and released today, The State of Science and Technology in Canada 2012 underscores the excellence and breadth of research taking place at Canadian universities in a broad range of fields. The State of Science and Technology is a follow-up report to a 2006 study. The new report found “a high international regard for the quality and rigour” of Canada’s science and technology researchers. The Council of Canadian Academies is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that supports science-based, expert assessments to inform public policy development in Canada.

A media release on the report can be found on the AUCC website.

The full report can be found on Council of Canadian Academies’ website.

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