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Find out what it takes to study abroad in Canada. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

The Step 1-2-3 tool is a great way to get preliminary answers to questions you have about studying in Canada, from what programs are available to how much it costs:

  • Step 1: Select a program or school that interests you.
  • Step 2: Find out how much it costs to study in Canada based on the choice selected.
  • Step 3: Find out what documents you need to study in Canada before you apply.

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Note: Do not close the browser. Hit the back or forward button during your Step 1-2-3 search.

The information presented by the Step 1-2-3 tool is drawn from Employment and Social Development Canada’s CanLearn database of Canadian postsecondary programs. Representatives from each Canadian postsecondary institution can update their entry in the database (if applicable) at CanLearn Pro.

Canadian and international tuition rates are provided by original institution sources. As tuition details are regularly updated, it is recommended that interested international students confirm them with their institution of interest.

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